Task Force IT

IT technician with a laptop computer gives a young intern a tour. They chat in the data center as they walk next to the server racks. They are performing maintenance work.

The Task Force from Move-IT Technology

Do you need more manpower to support your operations department? With our “Projects” you can order exactly the manpower you currently need!

We are already providing services to many data centre operators in and around Frankfurt. We are currently expanding our network and are looking for new partners. We do have several teams that are working with DC providers. These teams, together with your own internal teams, take care of the daily work (Mon-Sun). We also have other teams in the area of project implementation, these colleagues take care of everything from the relocation of the previous location to the final completion in your data centre.

Our highly motivated team is ready for your company’s expansion

Our employees have the appropriate training and prior knowledge and are also trained in-house and specialised in your requirements. We operate throughout Germany and also in the EMEA region.

If we have been able to get you interested, we would be pleased to have a personal conversation with you. We would be happy to explain further services to you.

A corridor in a working data center full of rack servers and supercomputers.

Base Project

Enquiry | +49 151 7293 4369

Business man rips off his shirt on the chest and shows Move-IT Technology logo.

Custom Project

Enquiry | +49 151 7293 4369

Group of people on summit. Climbers help each other - teamwork.

Special Project

Are you looking for a specialised team to assist you with your planned project?

We are pleased to provide you with a customised tailor-made offer.

Enquiry | +49 151 7293 4369