The safest way to move your business


Move-IT works only with experienced technicians, providing you with outstanding professionalism for your business. Our experience is your advantage.


Your security is our top priority, which is why Move-IT uses special packaging materials for your highly sensitive equipment.
In addition, we always take out insurances in an appropriate amount for your project – no matter how high the insurance sum should be.


Move-IT uses a GPS system that allows customers to track their equipment – transparency is essential for us.

Your reliable partner in the data center.

Light blue fiber optic cables in a data center server

Data center infrastructure

We are your specialist when it comes to moving – and also the professionals at your side in the data center. We install raised floors, cages, trays and cold aisles, if desired and necessary from measurement.

Move-IT Technology server relocation

Server relocation

Through pre-organization, specialized personnel and specially equipped tools, we will take care of your server relocation and ensure safe transportation and a smooth process.

Move-IT Technology server relocation
Move-IT Technology server relocation
IT technician with a laptop computer gives a young intern a tour. They chat in the data center as they walk next to the server racks. They are performing maintenance work.

Task Force IT

Do you need more manpower to support your operations department? With our “Projects” you can order exactly the manpower you currently need!

We have several teams that are deployed at DC providers. These teams, together with our own internal teams, take care of the day-to-day work (Mon-Sun). We also have additional teams in the area of project implementation, these colleagues take care of everything from moving the old site to the final completion in your data center.

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Server relocation?

Discuss your server relocation with us now.

Carton with multiple servers

Server relocation?

Discuss your server relocation with us now.

Server that packs itself into a box